sugar gliders enjoying dried mango
Are gliders right for you?

I had to share this wonderful quote from one of my friends, Diane.

“Here is the deal. If you expect sugar gliders to be like kittens or puppies, pass on them. If you expect to be able to make them meet your expectations and do what you want pass on them. They make horrible pets.

If you are willing to enter their world, willing to learn about the very strange and wonderful creatures they are, and interact with them by their rules, they are the most wonderful, odd, entertaining, enlightening, heart-warming creature you could every open your heart and home to.

It is really up to you whether sugar gliders are good or bad pets.”

It really puts it into perspective, in my opinion. Gliders are exceptionally unique as a type of pet, they’re also even more unique from glider to glider, with very individual personalities. They are not right for everyone and if you go into the situation with high expectations they will very likely not live up to be what you were hoping for.

Check out this page of our website for some basics that may help you decide if gliders might be the right fit for you and your family.