This is a modified form of the Original High Protein Wombaroo diet. Some people use one of a few types of ‘Green Juice’ in addition to the other ingredients. (Or as a substitute for some of the ingredients, in some recipes!) This page is still a work in progress while we iron out the most commonly used recipe/ingredient list, please check back soon!


1/4 Cup
(*1/2 Cup)
Wombaroo HPS Powder
(*for Breeding Gliders/Joeys Under 8 Months)
3 Eggs
2 CupsWarm Water
3/4 CupRaw Filtered Honey
1 TablespoonBee Pollen
1 CupGreen Juice (Odwalla, Knudsen, Bolthouse)

Feed Nightly Per Glider

1.5 Teaspoons

1 Tablespoon
1 Tablespoon Vegetables

Green Juice Alternate Option

We’ve been hearing that some people have had some problems finding the green juice varieties.

Luckily there’s an alternative option.

This item you can pick up right on Amazon and mix with your own juice to make Green Juice right in your own home!

Green Superfood Powder