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~ Our Group’s Motto ~

“Sugar Glider Information without the Sugar Coating!”


We welcome you as a new member to our group, Sugar Gliders! Our group’s main focus is to help to educate new members. That said, we’re all still learning new things every day! Gliders haven’t been in our country for a very long time if you compare them to animals like dogs or cats, and for this reason we’re still learning more and more about them as we go. We offer our members a place to go to ask questions, share knowledge and to learn from one another. We believe that we’ll all benefit from shared knowledge and experiences since there is still so much to learn about these wonderful little fuzzbuts!

Please take a moment to explore all that we have to offer. We have a variety of sister groups ( right here on Facebook and our own website ( as well! We try to do all that we can to keep our information as up to date as possible. Our website, Suggie.Info, actually accepts member submitted content, from articles to tutorials. If you’d like to share something for others to learn from please contact one of the admins and we’ll tell you how to go about it!

Please continue reading to familiarize yourself with our protocol and guidelines. We have a group of admins and staff who routinely monitor our groups and enforce the guidelines and rules listed within this packet.

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Admins / Staff

  • Kozi Nu
  • Kian Aoki
  • Amber Bowles
  • Giselle Khoo
  • Daema Scarlette
  • Heather Brumwell
  • Lacey Gordon
  • Jennifer Chandler
  • Ciera Hoffmeier
  • Clara Forrest
  • Kelly High
  • Chris Reihner
  • Linda Sardou
  • Katie Sherman
  • Paige Eliza Smith

Please Review the Guidelines

Thank you for taking the time to read the Members Packet and welcome to the group!