There’s a lot to know!

There really is a whole lot of information to consider before adopting your first sugar gliders. We’ve gathered a collection of helpful links and information for first time parents and people considering sugar gliders as an addition to their family. Please take a moment to sit back, relax and do a little reading on these lovely little fuzzbutts!

Helpful Information & Links

This is a list of things to consider and plan for before adopting your first sugar gliders;

Things To Consider Before You Adopt

This is a list of myths and misconceptions about sugar gliders. From lies that are told to get easy sales to misunderstandings about care and health;

Common Myths & Misconceptions

Something else to consider is whether or not they are legal where you live. Some entire states label them as illegal while some specific cities in legal states won’t allow them. We have a list on this page but it is best to call your local authorities and check to be sure. If you’re caught with them where they aren’t legal they will likely be taken and put down.

Sugar Glider Legality (Is your state legal?)

If you have any more questions about sugar gliders please feel free to take a look through the rest of this website, join our FB Group, we welcome any type of questions and we’re always happy to help out a new or potential sugar glider owner! 😀

Where Not To Adopt!

You’ll want to avoid these sorts of places as they’re known to mislead customers, sell unsafe supplies or even sell sick or underage joeys.

Check our our Buyer Beware section for basic tips on what or who to avoid when adopting. It covers some basics about bad breeders and common scams.

Buyer Beware (Tips To Read Before Adopting!)

Places: Malls or Flea Markets – There are some more well known companies that sell at mall kiosks and flea markets. These places are very similar to a puppy mill. They often sell underage and sometimes even sick sugar gliders. They charge too much compared to what you’d pay a breeder or for a rescue. They also usually sell unsafe and even dangerous supplies like leashes, wire or wodent wheels, tiny cages, etc. These people usually push a pelleted diet, as well. They may even sell you a year long supply. That isn’t something that is healthy for gliders to live on and it really just ends up making you waste money in the long run on food and supplies you don’t need.

Places: Craigslist/Hoobly/Kijiji/The Internet – You can find good suggies this way on occasion but there are also scammers lurking all over the internet! It’s probably best to avoid anyone asking for payment up front without a professional website and reviews of customers or other people you can contact as references. (People who aren’t breeders and just have a glider that needs a home won’t have a website but they will also likely be willing to meet up with you before asking for you to send cash! Keep this in mind.) Unfortunately many people have been scammed over the internet by people asking for a money order or cash sent via one method or another and then they never show. Some people say they will ship them right to your door if you pay up front. This is a lie, you can pick gliders up at an airport but they will NEVER deliver to your door!