These guidelines are just that. They are there to help plan meals throughout the week for your gliders to ensure they are getting a more balanced regime of produce but by no means should this list be treated as the only way, the best way, or proper way, just a simplified guideline for meal planning.

Every Day Fruits Every Day Veggies
(Serve Regularly to Daily)
Acerola Buok Choy
Carissa Butternut Squash
Casaba Melon Cabbage
Crab Apples Chinese Cabbage
Custard Apples Coriander
Java Plum Endive
Kumquat Jew’s Ear
Lemon Jute
Lime Kale
Mammy Apples Lettuce (Red)
Mullberries Lettuce (Butterhead)
Papaya Mustard Spinach
Persimmons Okra
Prickly Pears Spaghetti Squash
Rose Apple Turnip Greens
Roselle Winter Squash


Intermediate Fruits Intermediate Veggies
(Max of 2-3 Times Per Week)
Blackberries Acorn Squash
Boysenberries Amaranth
Figs Beet Greens
Gooseberries Burdock Roots
Grapefruit Celery
Jackfruit Chicory Greens
Jujube Collard Greens
Lemon Peel Dandelion Greens
Mandarin Oranges Edamame(W/Out Salt)
Mango Green Beans
Oranges Lettuce(Dark Green)
Orange Peel Mustard Greens
Pineapple Parsley
Pitanga Radish
Rose Hips Snow Peas
Tangerine Spinach
Yellow Wax Beans



Occasional Fruits Occasional Veggies
(Max Of Once Per Week)
Acai Alfalfa Sprouts
Apples Asparagus
Apricots Artichoke
Asian Pear Avocado
Bananas Bamboo Shoots
Blueberries Beet Greens
Breadfruit Beets
Cantaloupe Black-Eyed Peas
Carambola Broccoli
Cherimoya Brussels Sprouts
Cherries Carrots
Coconut Cauliflower
Cranberries Chayote
Currant Corn
Dates Cow Peas
Goji Berries Cucumber
Grapes Dock
Guava Eggplant
Honeydew French Beans
Kiwi Ginger Root
Longans Green/Red Bell Pepper
Louquats Hominy
Lychee Jicama
Nectarine Kohlrabi
Ohelo Berries Lettuce (Romaine)
Passion Fruit Lima Beans
Peaches Lupines
Pears Mung Beans
Plantain Mushrooms
Plums Nana Cabbage
Pomegranate Parsnips
Pomelo Peas
Prunes Pumpkin
Quince Rutabagas
Raspberries Soy Beans
Soursop Summer Squash
Strawberries Sweet Peppers
Sugar Apple Sweet Potatoes
Tamarind Swiss Chard
Tomatillo Tofu
Tomato Yams
Watermelon Zucchini