What do I put in the drop tray?

Looking for some tips on what you should place in the drop tray/pan or bottom of your glider’s cage? You’ve come to the right place!

Here we use the term ‘substrate’, though the gliders may not ever come in contact with this material. Most cages have a tray below the main bars so it’s usually out of reach.

Here’s some information about cat litter and why it can be potentially dangerous. –
Natural News – Harmful Ingredients in Cat Litter?

Here’s some information about cedar and pine why it can be potentially dangerous. –
The Problem with Cedar and Pine Shavings

Safe to use:

  • Carefresh
  • Paper Towels
  • A piece of fleece(easily shaken off/washed/reusable)
  • Newspaper(so long as they can’t reach it, it typically has dyes)
  • Pine Pellets
  • Rabbit Pellets (that is right, rabbit food makes a great bedding)
  • More coming soon!

Some people choose to leave it unlined and wipe out the tray every night with some paper towels, that works as well.

Do NOT use:

  • Cat Litter
  • Pine shaving (some use kiln dried shavings, but not recommended here)
  • Cedar

Sugar gliders have sensitive respiratory systems; therefore any wood-chip-based bedding should be avoided. (The same can happen with cat litter, there are harmful ingredients in almost all litters, even if they do not TOUCH the litter they can breathe in these ingredients.) These shavings contain oils that can irritate them. Gliders groom themselves consistently and any oils on their hands will make it to their noses and mouths. This is not good for them.