It’s best to keep the temperature is at least 65 °F degrees or higher.

If your home gets any colder than that it may be good to invest in a small space heater for the room where the gliders are kept. This will help keep the area around their cage warm without any hazards of them getting burnt or electrocuted by a rock or lamp.

You can also use a fleece cage cover to help keep their cage protected from drafts. Many suggie parents will also cut up small squares of fleece like little blankets to tuck into their pouches to help keep them comfortable.

Many people worry about their gliders getting too cold, some places even suggest that you need to buy a heat rock or lamp. This isn’t actually true. Some places will say you need the rock or lamp because they may be sending joeys home prematurely, if they’re too young it’s harder to regulate their own body temperature without mom and dad to snuggle with.

A health weaned(at least 8-12 weeks OOP) sugar glider can regulate their own body temperature without any issues. Typically, so long as you’re comfortable in your home they will be too.