There has been a lot of questions about the diets we don’t recommend and WHY we do not recommend them so I wanted to gather some links here for easy reference. Most of these are discussions we’ve had within our group on facebook, Sugar Gliders.

Sadly some people and companies have developed products meant to be used in place of a staple diet but we do not recommend them. Most are made in the US where standards for pet food are ridiculously low. Many ingredients we use here have actually been banned in other countries as they are just not fit for consumption. Please understand that we go out of our way to avoid these products and avoid recommending them because we want both ours and your gliders to THRIVE, we don’t just want them to ‘survive’. We believe in offering our fuzzy family the best and this includes what we feed them, too!

Many people have encountered health problems when using these diets. We’ve heard of experiences with significant weight loss, severe food aggression, lack of fat stores in the body, liver failure, staining, joey rejection, etc. The list really just goes on and on. Many people dismiss these health issues and claim either the owner was doing something “wrong” or they argue that the vet did not name the product as cause of death so it is obviously unrelated. (Actually, no vet will NAME a product as cause of death for legal reasons, they could be sued. Thus they will list something like liver failure, malnutrition, etc.) Please keep these things in mind when reviewing these threads. Some of our members have suffered great loss and we all feel for them. 🙁

Links to Relevant Topics

This post comes off as a huge debate. This is a very LONG thread but MAJORLY relevant. PLEASE try to read to the end.

Both of these link to specific comments from one of our admins and a long time community member. They involve her experiences with one of the diets we do not promote.

This is a great discussion on the topic after a post was removed.

This is another discussion of powders that were meant to replace or replicate the GOOD Wombaroo powder we do recommend.

This is a good discussion on the subject but it’s in a group besides our own. (So you will need to join there to view it.)

A short thread discussing some of the ingredients of one product.

A shorter discussion about one of the products and some people’s experiences.

More talk on the same product.

Discussion on a forum about pricing.