It may surprise you to learn that sugar gliders can cost approximately anywhere from $150 to $3000 each.

Keep in mind that you may find gliders as low as $25 to $75, sadly. The only time I personally have seen them this low was when someone had two gliders in a cage and they kept breeding until it was thirty in the same cage. Sugar gliders will breed with their siblings, so father to daughter, brother and sister, etc. (This is why neutering is so vital!) So the joeys had been breeding with their parents, their siblings, etc.. They were highly inbred, so keep in mind.. if they are TOO cheap, you usually do get what you pay for!

This is something to pay close attention to, especially if you’re new to gliders. Unfortunately many places over charge for gliders, this is an easy way to tell if it’s a reputable place to buy from or not. For example, one company is known for selling in malls at a kiosk. They sell two gray babies with a tiny cage, a year supply of food(cheap low quality food that isn’t even good for gliders) and they tell you how awesome they are, how they bond with your pets, etc.. Well this place charges over 700 for two gray gliders with that tiny tiny cage. Not only are these gliders often sick but they are sometimes premature, the wrong gender, inbred.. you name it. And they’re charging THAT much! Most reputable breeders will sell two joeys of the same color, classic gray, for around 300 together. (This price may go up if those joeys may carry specific genes that could produce colored babies, for example.) That is MUCH cheaper than what that mall kiosk is trying to charge you.

Note: Many good breeders offer a discount if you purchase two joeys at the same time as they know they’re social and want them to have a buddy right away! If you’re an excellent home and show that you have done your research and are ready for gliders many breeders would be happy to offer a partial discount for a pair of joeys to a pet home.

In reality, from a good breeder you can expect to find a single classic gray glider without hets(carrying the genes to produce colored babies) for about $175-200.

Another thing to consider is that pricing can vary greatly depending on the glider you’re looking at. The lineage of a glider is taken into careful consideration with this and often determines the price. Lineage will tell you what genes the joey may potentially be carrying, it will also tell you how clean the lines are, if the lines are too closely bred or inbred or if there is sterility, etc. Prices do go up a bit for better quality lines and depending on what genetics the glider in question has. Because of this you may even see a classic gray for five or six hundred dollars, possibly, if it has rarer hets.