In the event of an emergency with your Sugar Glider, please, please, please contact your VETERINARIAN immediately.

While you are preparing to go to the vet, make sure your glider is three things: warmhydrated, and stablized.

Keep them with you and monitor them while you are on the way there.

On your way to the vet, you can call:

If need be these amazing community members are willing to speak to glider parents via phone. They may help you with figuring out what to do on the way to to vet to help keep your gliders stable. Please only call them in an emergency.

• Val/Something_To_Believe_In •
(for an injury or major illness)

Vet Consult Contacts

Below is a list of Veterinarians that specialize in Sugar Gliders if your veterinarian does not know much about them, they will ONLY talk to another vet so you need to get to a vet and ask them to call one of these people!

• Dr. Tim Tristan •
• Dr. Bradley Walsh •
• Dr. Andrew Grzanowski •

If you’re worried about the cost or not sure you can afford it you may want to check into Care Credit while you’re in the office or on the way(if someone else is driving). It’s a form of credit specifically for vet bills to help you afford the care your little ones need. It will allow you to do payments rather than pay all at once.

If someone else is driving and you have a phone or tablet with internet you may want to check the forums, some of the FB groups or other sources for some advice. Though remember, they are STILL no substitute for a vet visit!

If you’re ever worried about your glider, if you suspect something is wrong, even if it’s minor, call and schedule an appointment or ask to speak to the vet directly and get their opinion. Remember the phrase “Better safe than sorry.” This is especially true with our beloved little suggies. They will hide any signs of illness or injury the best they can, this is how they keep their colony safe from predators in the wild. So remember, by the time you see even the smallest sign that something might be wrong it could be quite serious since they do their best to hide it as long as they can. That is why it’s vital to call or go visit your vet AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!