There is a LOT of confusion about the ‘HPW Diets’ lately because there are so many new ones available for sale. This page has a little bit of info about each diet that may either be related to the High Protein Wombaroo Supplement(where the ‘HPW’ comes from) or easily confused with similar diets. It also covers some common products which are basically “copies” of HPW, products using the name but not actually containing any real Wombaroo supplement.

These diets DO contain High Protein Wombaroo Powder

These diets have mostly been around longer and were created using the High Protein Wombaroo Supplement.

These diets DON’T contain High Protein Wombaroo Powder.

They either have ‘HPW’ in the name or are similar to the other Diets but contain NO WOMBAROO SUPPLEMENT.

  • ¤ Instant HPW
    • This diet actually does claim to contain the high protein wombaroo supplement powder but it’s repackaged which is a bit iffy, anything could be in there, realistically. (The diets that contain the legitimate wombaroo powder require you to buy it separately and mix it in yourself. When you do so it’s usually in a sealed package in it’s original box.)
  • ¤ Glide-R-Gravy
    • This is actually the exact same product as HPW Complete. Pocket Pets re-named it to sell it directly on their own website. (They do sell this product with permission from the creator of the diet, they just tend to name their products with ‘cutsey’ names; ‘Glide-R-Chow’ for example. It can make it a bit more difficult for people to do legitimate research on their products.)
  • ¤ Critter Love® Complete (Formerly known as HPW Complete)
    • Critter Love® Complete, while similar to HPW Plus, is the “just add water” counterpart.  However, this product has not been tested (or if it has, no results of said testing have been released or made available).  This product also contains dehydrated and synthetic ingredients.  Dehydrated items do lose some nutritional value.  The most controversial ingredient in this product is “synthetic vitamin k” (k3) or “Menadione”.  Menadione has been linked to liver issues in humans, and has been banned by the FDA for use in human supplements because of it.  You can read more about Menadione here.  This product contains none of the Wombaroo/WHPS/HPS powder.
  • ¤ Critter Love® Plus (Formerly known as HPW Plus)
    • From what we understand, this is very similar to the Original HPW diet(O-HPW), though the powder for Plus is manufactured here in the US(so far as we know) and it also contains Menadione, which is where the concern about the “synthetic vitamin k”* comes in. (*see description for HPW Complete) However it does not contain the dehydrated egg and like ingredients, which is why they need to be added to this diet, which is very similar to the way O-HPW is meant to be fed. Like Critter Love® Complete, this product has not been tested, or at least no test results have been made available that we’re aware of. This diet is fed in a very similar way to the O-HPW, so if you’re considering this opting for the O-HPW may be a safer bet until testing results have been released.
  • ¤ HPW / Fruit & Veggie (HPW in a Jar, literally.)
    • This is a relatively new product, it claims it is ready to serve right out of the jar. 100% complete, nothing else needed. Not only does this product contain no actual Wombaroo HPS product but it is also in jar form. Typically these sorts of foods are much more processed. Our gliders do best on fresh and more natural diet options. This is one product we would NEVER recommend. (*There are other versions, without fruits/veggies, with yogurt, original, etc. Avoid them ALL!)
  • ¤ ZooPro High Protein Kit
    • This is labeled “the ideal powdered high protein formula for use in HPW diet”. But it isn’t actually the legitimate HPW powder from Wombaroo. It’s yet another copy cat product trying to capitalize on the “HPW” name.

Remember, you can always search the forums AND FB groups for topics relating to these diets. Always try to do a lot of research and gather a wide variety of opinions. Some people may be biased because they either feed a specific diet or vend(sell) a specific diet. That’s why it’s key to get a wide range of responses and opinions and to make your own choice on the matter.

More Links On Menadione –

Places to buy the Wombaroo High Protein Supplement –

    These websites carry the legitimate Wombaroo High Protein Supplement powder that is imported from Australia. This should be the only product used for the AWD/OHPW/GOHPW/etc. diets. No substitute is a good substitute.
  • ¤ The Pampered Glider
    • You can buy the Wombaroo supplement here as well as the ingredients you need for both the O-HPW and AWD diets!
  • ¤ Perfect Pets Inc.
    • They seem to carry the basic Wombaroo supplements here.

* UPDATE – Recently Peggy has changed all of her diets to new names after some suspected licensing problems. Unfortunately along with this name change there has been a very minor recipe change though the website does not mention it. This very minor recipe “tweak” renders all prior testing, if any had indeed been done, null and void.